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Russell W. - Several Quality Vehicles

My family and I have done business with Tom Leis for 20 years. Tom is a straight shooter who I would recommend to anyone looking for a vehicle without any hesitation. I can always trust that he will treat me and others I send to him fairly. The man knows cars and will be able to help you like he has helped me so many times before.

Andrew Farmer - 2009 Toyota Tacoma

Called them on the phone, talked to them about vehicle, got a price out the door, went to look at vehicle next day. Checked it out, they answered all questions, bought the vehicle. They explained how all paper work and title would be handled, no hassles, would buy from again and I am from out of state

John Campbell - 2006 Honda Civic

Had a great experience at Tom Leis. They were very friendly and helpful. Bought my first car from there and I love it!


 Bought a used CRV for my son there. They were above-board, let me have my mechanic look it over first, and have been nothing but helpful with it. I'd recommend them to folks looking for a used car.

Jason Farley - 2012 Jeep Liberty

A FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS THAT YOU CAN TRUST! I recently purchased a 2012 Jeep Liberty from Tom Leis Auto Sales. Marshall Leis was very attentive to my needs and considered my budget limits while helping me look for a reliable vehicle. I am very pleased with his professionalism, and would highly recommend this car lot. A+

Jeremy Gossom - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I love my 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I purchased from Tom Leis Auto Sales, it looks new and drives awesome!!! Great customer service and very easy to work with Tom and Marshall are stand up guys. If your in the market for nice pre owned vehicle check them out.

Stephanie Hauber - 2007 Lexus -

I love my 2007 Lexus purchased from Tom Leis! This family-owned and operated dealership is fair, friendly, and hassle-free. My father also bought a vehicle from them several years ago which proved to be very reliable. They have earned our family's business for years to come.

Becky - Brown Honda CRV

I am thrilled with both of my car buying experiences with Tom Leis Auto Sales! They make buying a car an enjoyable experience, and having bought cars from dealerships and other larger outfits, I know all too well what it feels like to walk away from those places feeling like I got taken advantage of. Tom Leis Auto Sales is not anything like that! They took the time to understand my needs, gave me great information, and didn't pressure me into making a decision. They are honest and straight forward. I was so impressed with their integrity and their commitment to putting the best used cars on their lot and then standing behind them. They are the ONLY place I will go to purchase a car. I cannot say enough great things about Tom and Marshall. I highly recommend stopping by there before going anywhere else. You'll be glad you did!!

Julia Parsons - 2012 Honda CRV

I wanted to upgrade my Honda CRV and Tom found the perfect car for me. Not only did he deliver it in pristine condition, he sold my older car within a week! He & his staff could not have been more professional throughout the entire process. I'll continue to buy from him and send my friends there with confidence. Support your local family owned businesses, you'll be glad you did!

Dennis Horn - 2006 Honda CRV

Purchased an 2006 Honda CRV from Tom and the experience was no hassle and fairly seamless. He treated us right and the vehicle's still running great. I would return for another vehicle

Kelly Hommrich - 2012 Jeep Compass

My daughter bought a 2012 Jeep Compass from Tom and Marshall. We had the jeep inspected by a mechanic who found a few issues. Tom and Marshall were willing to fix the issues before we bought the jeep. Within a week of buying the jeep we had a problem with the check engine light (apparently a crankshaft position sensor) I called Marshall and they agreed to replace this part, even though they were not obligated to do so. We dropped the jeep and picked it up the following day. They are great to work with and pricing seemed fair for the jeep. I would recommend checking them out if you are looking for a used car/jeep!

Daniel Peters - 2010 Honda CRV

Tom Leis Auto Sales manages to do quite a lot with very little. It's a small family run business which is the kind of place I'm proud to support. The building housing the office is laughably unlevel and the lot is small (almost too small to park there) but has an interesting variety of cars for sale. Even though the structure of the office is weirdly shifted, the help you'll find inside is top notch. Some of the cars may have their quirks, but Tom seems dedicated to making it right before the sale. On that subject, it is important to note that the cars here are sold "as is". This being the case, I can't recommend strongly enough that you drive any thing you may be interested in to a mechanic you trust to do a buyer's check. Many mechanics will charge a fee for this, but it is absolutely worth it to know more about the quality of a vehicle your getting ready to spend thousands of dollars on. I purchased a 2010 Honda CR-V, and dealt with Marshall Leis throughout the whole process. He had no qualms with me taking the vehicle out for a buyer's check, and worked very hard to get me financed. Buying a car is awful but Marshall did everything he could to make it all happen. I'm very happy in my new (used) ride, and very happy to give Tom Leis Auto Sales a positive rating.

Frederic Miller - 2005 Honda CRV

It was a good experience, and when I need another car I'll check back

Andrew Farmer - 2009 Toyota Tacoma

Called them on the phone, talked to them about vehicle, got a price out the door, went to look at vehicle next day. Checked it out, they answered all questions, bought the vehicle. They explained how all paper work and title would be handled, no hassles, would buy from again and I am from out of state

Alexandra Jaggers - 2006 Honda CRV

They had a variety of cars to chose from, all of which were in immaculate condition! Walked away with a very affordable and nice vehicle that will last! Very impressed!

Austin Redford - 2006 Subaru Forrester

Tom is a awesome guy to deal with. He had the Subaru Forester I wanted. Made me a great deal! Makes car buying easy!

Sean Mason - 2003 Toyota Tundra

I bought a truck in February. They we're very friendly and easy to work with. I had been on the search for a good used truck and found one here. Looked at dozens of car lots and they by far had the best quality. I would rexrecomm and got back if I was in the market

N H - 5 Star Review

Great experience buying a car! Highly recommended.


Best ever car purchase experience. First time customer. Searched for months, to find the unicorn car, and finally it showed up at TL thru Carfax used car listings. Really great to see the Carfax for any car sold here. Called to verify car was there, went and did test drive, car was excellent as advertised. Bought it on the spot. Financed part of cost through bank contact with TL, easy and quick. Car had been checked over in detail by Tom and was perfect. We brought our trade-in the next day, added it to our deal, and drive home in our new (used) car. We good a great deal! Highly recommend.

Pauline Moore - 2012 GMC SIERRA 1500

We had a wonderful experience purchasing a vehicle from Tom Leis. Very friendly and helpful. Transaction was quick and easy. We would definitely purchase from again.

Malcolm Webb - 2008 HONDA RIDGELINE

Great people. Not pushy and Honest. Honest above all. Marshall worked hard to get me financed with the best deal and lowest rate. They really care about their customer's

Melody Miller - 2013 Honda Odyssey

Bought a new to me car and the experience was actually pleasant. Marshall was not pushy, he was respectful to me as a woman, and made the entire process smooth. They are a rare gem of auto sales.

Ben Lowman - 5 Star Google Review

Just stop by to check a car there. Talk about the nicest people. Marshall, I hope you see this. You laid back approach was sooo refreshing. Thank you!

Cody Rood - 5 Star Google Review

Great experience! I love my new truck. The salesmen were never pushy. The buying and registration process were simple. I would highly recommend this dealership.

Lindsey Price - 5 Star Google Review Ford Explorer

I just bought a Ford Explorer from Tom Leis Auto sales and I love it! So far so good. The car was clean and they even had it cleaned again before I drove home the morning of. The deal was easy and simple. Marshall and his Mom were nice and helpful. I love that this was a family business and not a huge corporation. I felt like I could trust them. They gave me good info about my vehicle and offered help if I should need it in the future. Thanks Guys!!! P. S. Thanks for the patience.

Marie Honey Miller - 5 Star Google Review Honda Civic

After a fairly stressful week dealing with an accident, the insurance company, and totaling our Honda Civic, we ended our search for a reliable replacement vehicle at Tom Leis. We'd been to multiple places over a few days, so stepping into the care of the Leis's was like a breath of fresh air. Every vehicle they had was high quality, and Marshall was well versed in the history of all the vehicles we had questions about. We test drove a couple options that were on our radar and ultimately purchased a Toyota Highlander that same day. The process was quick and painless, their fees were lower than the other dealerships we had gotten quotes from, and the overall care we received as customers was exactly what we needed to make a decision that fit our family's needs. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Arf0tis - 5 Star Google Review Bought Elsewhere

So I ultimately found a car that was a better fit for me somewhere else but I wanted to come back to Tom Leis to write a review. They have a great operation and both Tom and Marshall know what cars to buy to offer reliable models to their customers. They were the ONLY dealer that let me drive the cars by myself which enabled me to focus on the car in detail rather than idle chit-chat with the salesman. They have fair prices and the dealer fee is a fraction of what I saw at all other places. When I am on the market again this it the first place I will go. Thanks for your help guys!

Arthur Waurio - 5 Star Google Review Honda CR-V

We purchased our 2002 Honda CR-V in July of 2014 and have been very happy with our purchase. In fact, we recommended Tom Leis to our friend and they also bought a Honda CR-V several months after ours. They were also satisfied with their car and both of us have continued to recommend Mr. Leis to friends who are searching for reliable vehicles that are reasonably priced. When we initially test drove the car, Mr. Leis allowed us to take the CR-V over 30 miles away so that our mechanic could look it over. No high pressure or hovering over us as we looked at vehicles in the lot. Great, family business people.

Howard Thomas - 5 Star Google Review Repeat Customer

I have bought my vehicles from Tom Leis Auto Sales for years. They provide terrific service, finding the very car you want if they don't have it on the lot. Every purchase has been a positive experience! I always get a good price for a really nice car!! My cars have always been trouble free and given me miles of good driving. I trust Tom Leis Auto Sales and would send anyone to them for their car purchase!!

Kaitlin Zachary - 5 Star Google Review Not Disclosed

Best car buying experience ever! Worked with Marshall and he was very friendly and professional. I got the car I wanted at a better price than anywhere else and I didn’t have to feel pressured by a sales person. If you want a good deal don’t bother going anywhere else.

Will Erwin - 5 Star Google Review Not Disclosed

Great customer service, Marshall helped me choose a great car! Process was seamless on their end, and they even called to check in on the loan process when it took a little longer than usual. Would recommend to anyone in the area looking for a great deal from a trustworthy dealer!

Audrey Gossom - 5 Star Google Review Repeat Customer

We have bought several cars from Tom and every experience has been outstanding. They gave us the personal attention that we desire. Each of the cars that we have bought have been of the highest quality and standard, mechanically and cosmetic. They treat you like family and I would recommend that anyone in need of a great vehicle to go see Tom, I will never have a need to go anywhere else for my car buying experience.

Anne Parsons - 5 Star Google Review Jeep Grand Cherokee

I recently bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee from Tom Leis Auto Sales, my experience was outstanding!! They are knowledgeable, honest and super easy to work with. I was able to buy a great car at a great price. I would recommend you trust Tom Leis Auto Sales for your next car purchase!!

Heather Stein - 5 Star Google Review Repeat Customer

We bought a Subaru from Tom Leis years ago and when looking to replace that car we came back to Tom Leis. They were super patient during the early stages of our search through the final sale. Very happy with experience! Highly recommend!

Johnnie Selby - 5 Star Google Review Mazda Miata

We all know problems happen in life. What makes the difference is how those problems are handled. After test driving a 2001 Mazda Miata I decided to purchase the car, however I encounter a problem on my drive home and the car stopped running and would not start. I called Marshall on his cell phone (he was at his home) and immediately he came and picked me up. The next day Marshall phoned me from the dealership and the problem had been resolved (wet plugs from where the engine had been cleaned). He and his father were very courteous and professional. But more than that, they are good people and did the right thing! When looking for a used vehicle in the future I will always look there first. Thanks guys!

Guitars&Games - 5 Star Google Review Subaru Forester

So happy we got our new Subaru Forester today. Marshall Leis sold us our car and his grandfather sold us our Toyota Tacoma in 2003! Support your local car dealer because they will treat you right at Tom Leis.

Mike Davis - 5 Star Google Review Honda Civic

We bought a Honda Civic from Tom Leis Auto and Marshall was great to work with. Tom was at the lot when we picked it up and it was good meeting him and reminiscing about an old friend.

Chris Bizzell - 5 Star Google Review Not Disclosed

They were great to work with. After going through all the arrogant attitudes at the dealerships, It was very refreshing to not be pressured. We got a great car at a very reasonable price. Took 45 minutes.

Alex - 5 Star Google Review Not Disclosed

Small but solid family owned dealer. Marshall hooked me up. Good experience all around. Would absolutely recommend - and this is coming from someone who normally dreads dealers.

Roger Baker - 5 Star Google Review Toyota Camry

We were very impressed with the inventory of this lot..quality cars and most are priced very close to what I would pay...after looking for several weeks for a quality car that was priced fairly, Tom Leis beat them all for what we were looking for..Our experience with Marshall Leis was very satisfactory..We drove away with a very nice Camry that exceeded our expectations on both quality and price...They don't have a huge inventory but appear to be very meticulous with the selection of vehicles they do offer

Shawn Wright - 5 Star Google Review Honda CR-V

I bought a used CRV for my son there. They were above-board, let me have my mechanic look it over first, and have been nothing but helpful with it. I'd recommend them to folks looking for a used car.

Chris Carlton - 5 Star Google Review Not Disclosed

Just got my car and couldn't be happier. I want to thank Marshall for finding the perfect car for me. They're location is great and I recommend checking them out soon

James Linton - 5 Star Google Review Not Disclosed

I think it is a very nice place to shop for a car. Small lot but caring for the car they have to be perfect. Just went to look at a car instead left with a car that i love. Hope if you go that you will have the same experience that i did.

Jackie French - 5 Star Google Review Not Disclosed

Super helpful and accommodating, the whole process was simple from start to finish. Nice selection of cars with very fair prices. Highly recommended. Will buy from again.

Julia - 2016 Honda CRV

5.0 star rating


I have bought 8 or more cars from Tom, he has always given me terrific service and sold me cars that are top notch! When his son, Marshall, joined the business, he also has given me great customer service! I will always go to Tom and Marshall when I need a car, they give me priority service and always a car that I can depend on and that lasts!!

Christie McNatt - 2013 Toyota Rav 4

5 STARS Google Review

My son just experienced his first vehicle purchase here, and we were all very impressed with how the whole process went. Thank you Marshall!

Ben Lowman - All All All

5 STAR Google Review

Just stop by to check a car there. Talk about the nicest people. Marshall, I hope you see this. You laid back approach was sooo refreshing. Thank you!

Wade Sanders - 2014 Toyota Camry

I bought my Toyota Camry. They was honest and fair priced. Staff was friendly and helpful. I love the car and have no problems with it. I would recommend Tom leis Auto Sales to anyone.

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